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ORCA is a Singapore based leading Information & Technology (IT) and Digital Transformation solutions service provider. We bring to the table, years of experience in digital technology, information technology, networking and database management. We focus on consulting clients on developing custom as well as enterprise version software solutions that ensure business transformation through rejuvenated revenue models, achieve efficiencies of scale, increase profitability and reap shareholder gains. We work across industries, engaging with every management level within the client's’ organization to ensure clarity of objectives, purpose and to collaborate with them to deliver the best solutions that bring out the desired results for our clients.

Our Approach – Four Cornerstones



Technology is always the enabler. Our team of dedicated technology architects, coders, QC experts and the project leaders across industry sectors strive to offer and deliver the best solutions to our clients. We service the entire value chain; right from requirement gathering to project management to execution to quality control to delivery to deployment and to post-delivery maintenance. There is no way that we would drop the ball on our clients.


We work with the best in the industry. When it comes to cloud infrastructure, be it on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, we take security very seriously. Our services will include ensuring best practices in threat protection as well as against cyber security breaches, network security breaches, data security breaches, mitigating ransomware attacks and ensuring global and local security regulatory compliance to manage any possible threat or risk.


The role of the CIO is changing. He is no longer relegated to the peripheral role; he is now mandated to inspire change from within the organization. He is mandated to infuse a culture of innovation, transforming the organization into a hotbed of digital opportunism be it in machine learning, IoT, AI, VR and more: taking advantage of what cloud has on offer. We work with these CIOs to consult and advise them on this journey of transformation to digital era, digital way of doing business.


Our quest to breach new frontiers in IT solutions development have recently borne fruit. We are currently working with 2 mega projects on AI, ML and Fintech. We are going to use 2 billion customer usage data every day to analyse patterns using historical data over the past 10 years. Our data scientists are currently working with the IT team and we are hoping to deliver the project in Q1 of 2018. We are also working with a fintech startup, with whom we are exploring ways in which we can implement blockchain based payment system for one of our client’s existing trading system.


Clients pour in millions of dollars on transactional data, usage data and media marketing data. Our data scientists work with clients to derive and understand patterns, make logical inferences and our account management team then whips out the marketing campaigns based on the inputs from the data team and track performance to ensure return on investment for the clients.


Given the speed with which digital media is exploding, marketers’ need to craft a strategy that provides well rounded insights, builds in adequate checks and balances for superior marketing success. Smart and best of the class campaign management ensures ROI on marketing dollars. We offer exactly that expertise for our clients. We look to partner with the clients on their business and marketing challenges.


We are constantly looking to expand, grow and multiply. With some clients referring us to their local teams in other countries, we are brimming with the idea of expanding our network. Lately, we have started working with a handful of clients in North America, Europe and in the Middle East. We revel in challenges, in innovation and in working on exciting projects and we do hope to see ourselves in our new offices in at least two of these regions in 2018. We hire grads from local universities and we want to tell you that we are on our way to your city soon. See you there.

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